Metallic Mystery
Metallic Mystery
Metallic Mystery
Brooke Apple Waist Beads

Metallic Mystery

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"Aurora borealis beads in a black metallic finish create a mysterious and edgy work of art around your waist! The mystery is what color they will reflect on your skin! These beads reflect all my favorite jewel tones like purple, gold, blue and red! They enhance the elegance of your skin." 

Black Metallic aurora borealis seed beads featuring metallic rounds. Great option if you are new to wearing waist beads. 

The "rainbow" finish of the beads featured in this style will highlight other waist bead colors well!

Single Strand Style.

Compliments all skin tones and other waist bead styles.

Perfect for those used to wearing waist beads and who want to amplify the colors of their other waist beads.

Great as a stand alone style.

Limit bathing.

Cannot be customized.

Made with flexible stringing wire, glass beads, stainless steel and base metal clasp/closure.

Not Recommended for children under 12.

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