About Us


Exquisite Waist Beads Made with Purpose!

The tradition of adorning one's waist with beads has been practiced for generations in many African cultures and other cultures around the world. Waist beads have many purposes, to mark rites of passage (such as puberty or marriage), for body shaping, spirituality, fertility and more! No matter the reason or purpose, wearing waist beads is an expression of femininity, a celebration of the sacredness of womanhood and the ultimate act of self love! 

Brooke Apple Waist Beads represent a contemporary expression of this sacred tradition. Our waist beads are made with quality and durable materials and made to last. Our designs are inspired by cultural heritage and the beauty and power of all women!

At Brooke Apple we believe in Self Love, Self Care and Body Positivity! Our bodies really are our temples, and wearing waist beads lets us adorn it!

Made with purpose, Brooke Apple Waist Beads are a celebration of the sacred part of our body that gives life! Shop now and join a movement of female empowerment, heritage and self love!


Chyvonne Washington, Owner/Designer