Wearing and Measuring

Measuring and Wearing

All waist beads come with a lobster clasp unless otherwise stated.

Clasps are made of stainless steal and plated base metal, if you would like to upgrade to a sterling silver, silver or gold plated or 14Karat gold closure please purchase separately in our Shop.

Before measuring determine wear you would like the waist beads to fall on your waist (upper, middle, lower waist, hips)

Measure waist size starting at 1 inch on the measuring tape.

If you believe you need more length to easily reach and close the clasp I suggest you add a half inch (1/2 inch) to your order size during check out.

Your final size will be slightly over the size you order so you can easily reach the clasp.

*All waist bead in pictures are size 30 inches, your final style will depend on the size you order so your waist bead will be more unique to you!

Waist Bead Care Instructions

Waist beads can be worn at all times and during any activity either inside or outside clothing as is your preference.

It's recommended to limit bathing and swimming in waist beads to protect bead finishes.

Be mindful of waist beads when dressing/undressing, using the bathroom, bathing and engaging in any physical activity.

Avoid tugging and pulling on waist beads.

Avoid putting body oils, lotions and butters directly on waist beads.

Dry when wet and can be lightly cleaned with a gentle cloth.

You may have to remove waist beads when boarding a plane.

Use a jewelry polishing cloth to polish metals.

Keep out of reach of small children and pets.

Most styles are not recommended for children under 12, see item description.