Brooke Apple Waist Beads


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"Bellatrix means "Warrior" and the style of this waist bead reminds me of a tribal warrior's battle gear. Be a warrior for what you believe in!' Blue is the color of truth, orange is the color of confidence and yellow represents optimism-all important traits of a warrior!

Single strand waist bead mix of orange, royal blue and "greenish" yellow glass beads with clasp.

Limited edition style-get it before it's gone!

Compliments all skin tones and other waist bead styles.

Perfect for those used to wearing waist beads.

Great as a stand alone style.

Okay to bathe in. 

Cannot be customized, the size cannot be changed.

Made with flexible stringing wire, glass beads, stainless steel and base metal clasp/closure.

Not Recommended for children under 12.

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